The Only Sex Toy You Will Ever Need: Kiiroo

Written by Sohard

During last year’s AVN show we had the honor of meeting with the inventors and creators of the newest, and most revolutionary, sex toy to hit the adult market: Kiiroo.

Kiiroo has invented a sex toy that allows you to engaged with what you are watching. The sex toy takes virtual reality to a whole new paramount. If you, as a guy, are watching a porn video and the woman is gently blowing her partner, you will feel the same sensation with your Kiiroo Onyx. If you, as a woman, are watching a porn and the man gently rubs the woman’s clit you feel the exact sensation as well with the Pearl.

After meeting with the guys from Kiiroo, we had to interview them, and see what Kiiroo has been up to since the last time we met.

For those who don’t know, what is Kiiroo?

Kiiroo is an Amsterdam based technology company who developed two interactive devices, a platform, and app to be intimate over distance.

Kiiroo Sex Toy-Fleshlight“Teledildonics are devices that make it possible to be intimate with your lover when you are not necessarily in the same room.”

How Did you guys come up with Kiiroo?

The movie Demolition Man sparked the idea of Kiiroo. Sandra Bullock and Sylvester Stallone are intimate in this movie via VR helmets. We thought: how can people be intimate when they are not physically together? That is when we started brainstorming and ended up with our male masturbator Onyx, female vibrator Pearl and a great platform and app to connect them.

What is teledildonics? And how do you see them improving and growing in the future?

Teledildonics are devices that make it possible to be intimate with your lover when you are not necessarily in the same room. I think people will get more used to use technology in the bedroom and will get even more open to using teledildonics. To give you an example: You are in a long distance relationship, work in the army, or are a sales person who travels a lot? With the technology we use, you can still be intimate with your partner. I think teledildonics will only become a bigger part of the adult industry.

Sex-toy-kiirooI read that you guys teamed up with fleshlight to bring Kiiroo to market, what are you guys working on?

Fleshlight is a very important partner. The male masturbator Onyx has a Fleshlight sleeve inside. We are constantly working together, but on what exactly I cannot tell you yet…

Is there a Kiiroo for women?

Yes! The female vibrator Pearl is a unique vibrator. It is a complete two-way device so women can control their own pleasure, or let their pleasure be controlled. The Pearl also contains capacitive touch technology, which means the surface of Pearl senses your movements. You can use it with your lover, or for solo sessions. Together with Datoro Media, we launched A huge collection of videos which sync with the Pearl. So feel everything you see.

sex-toy-women-kiirooHow can a couple use Kiiroo together?

First of all, it is important to mention that our devices are for all couples; straight or gay. Customers just need to turn their Bluetooth and devices on, install the platform or app and connect the devices very easily. Now they can see, hear and feel each other in a private video chat room. Whenever for example the guy swipes the touch pad on his Onyx, his movements will synch with the vibrations of the Pearl. If he swipes faster, the Pearl will go faster too.

“Yes! We started off with the idea for Long Distance Couples… Users love it.”

Does Kiiroo work at a distance?

Yes! We started off with the idea for Long Distance Couples. It does not matter where you are; you can always connect to your lover.

What are some of the obstacles Kiiroo faces today?

We always thrive to be innovative and make customers happy. With developments going so fast it is a nice challenge to stay on top of your game, but so far it works out pretty fine!

What has been the reaction of users who have tested out Kiiroo?

Users love it. It gives them the possibility to be close to their lover, even if they cannot be physically together. Next, it also gives users the chance to explore boundaries together, or alone and see what they like.

Do you see your product working with all platforms: tube, paysites, VR, etc..?

Yes, our product is already working with interactive videos, VR content and cam models.

Which country has been the most popular regarding Kiiroo purchases?

In the U.S.A. and Europe, customers are buying a lot of our product, but we also notice a growing tendency in other continents. Customers are very interested in the device, and we are extremely optimistic about our continued growth. At the moment we cannot say that one particular country is the most popular.

Could you tell me more about how the app works with the Kiiroo toys?

Yes, all you have to do is download “App of Things”, you can find it in the Google Playstore or iTunes Apple store. Just turn your devices on and the Bluetooth connection from your phone and now you can feel your lover from anywhere.

What is the next product you guys are planning to launch? And when will it be available to the consumer?

We cannot tell you anything about future developments yet.

What does the future hold for Kiiroo?

We will keep adding the sensation of touch to online communication and hope to develop more opportunities for people to connect and stay intimate.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the Kiiroo products or find out more about them head over to or follow them on Facebook  or Twitter.

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Written by Sohard
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