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Chanel Preston
Written by Chanel Preston

I’m going to make two confessions. One being that I have online dated, and two being that I sometimes don’t tell the entire truth when it comes to what I do, for obvious reasons. Recently, I was chatting with this guy, and it was actually someone a friend of mine had considered hooking me up with in the past.

This was great because I could check “friends approval” off the list immediately. The problem with this was I didn’t want to NOT tell him the entire truth about my job, in fear that one of his friends who knew one of my friends would end up telling him. If I’ve lost you already, then the point is I decided to be completely honest with him right away. This is almost always a mistake. The moment I told him my performer name I new whatever could have happened between us would not happen.

Chanel-Preston-Date-Night-Porn-StarPeople say to me: “anyone who is worth it won’t care,” but I’m not sure about that because if you have never met someone in person and you see them get double thrusted in the butt it absolutely DOES change things dramatically. And this case was no different. Of course, my friends said he was an idiot, but is a guy that refuses to date a girl that gets gangbanged really an idiot? No, if anything, he’s probably fairly smart, which is why dating is especially difficult for a pornstar.

I would think if there was a general rule of thumb for this sort of thing it would be to NOT date girls that get all their holes filled multiple times a week. Yet here I am running off to work everyday to do just that. The thing is, I love running off to work to have sex everyday. It’s a lot of fun and I’ve really grown into myself as a women doing this type of work. I feel I’ve become a more secure person, and I credit porn for that.

Chanel-PrestonUnfortunately, no matter how secure I am, I may often be overlooked as flawed because of what I do, and I am ok with that. I know the value of being a sexually secure person and couldn’t have become so secure unless I decided to be total slut on film. Until I find a man or women that is looking for a more unorthodox relationship, I will continue to snuggle with my cats every night.


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Chanel Preston
Written by Chanel Preston
  • mhnd2 years ago

    hi chanel
    i am very like you because u is favorite pornstar

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Chanel Preston
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