Who Were You Looking For? 2015 Top 10 Pornstar Searches

Written by Sohard

2015 was a year of change, but in change, there is always some form of familiarity.

Although, tnaflix continues to evolve and, can only hope, to bring you the best user experience in the adult industry. We never forget the performers that bring the best out of each and every one of us.

So, without further ado here are the top 10 most searched pornstars of 2015:



Kendra-LustThe first lady to crack the top 10 of this list is none other than Kendra Lust. This ever growing lustful woman has built a brand around her name and performances. In 2015, she won the Night Move Award for. Best Cougar/MILF Performer (Fan Choice). As well as Xbiz Award for MILF Performer of the Year. She also took in a nomination for Night Move Awards, Best Body. As well as a nomination for XRCO Award for MILF of the year. There is no surprise that she is a top 10 searched pornstar.



At number 9 we find Sasha Grey. Although, Sasha Grey has been out of the adult business for some time, the fact that she is still a top searched pornstar is a true testament to her body of work. There have been many a times that I have found myself returning to her “body of work”.



Number 8 surprises me, not in that this beautiful pornstar is on the list, but rather that she is not ranked higher. Asa Akira had probably the busiest 2015. She not only released some of the hottest scenes, as she always does, but she also released her book called: “Insatiable: Porn–A Love Story”. She took in XRCO’s Mainstream Adult Media Favorite Award. She has an amazing radio show and continues to crossover from adult to mainstream. She is definitely a fan favourite.



Coming in at number 7 is none other than Jodi West. Jodi West has joined the porn business at an age that most do not. But, that has not stopped her from building quite the name, and reputation for herself, in such a small period of time. She has been around since 2010 and has quickly climbed the ranks of the porn world. And, based on your search terms, there is no surprise that Jodi West is in our top 10 searched pornstars of 2015.



2015 has been another good year for this porn actress, positioned in at number 6. She is none other than Sophie Dee. Sophie Dee has been around for some time, and ever since she splashed onto the porn scene, she has been a fan favourite. This petite actress has some serious on screen presence. If you ever want to sit back and enjoy the show, I strongly suggest searching for one of her videos.
And now, the elite of elite, the top 5 searched porn actresses of 2015:



This first lady to crack the top 5, no pun intended, ok maybe a slight pun, is none other than Brandi Love. This, too, should come as no surprise since Brandi Love is quite the MILF, and our top searches show there was a strong love for MILFs in 2015.


Number 4
is none other than Miss Chanel Preston. You might’ve seen a few of her articles on the news section–If you haven’t then do take a moment to check them out. Chanel Preston is not your typical pornographic performer. She is quite unique and talented. She will take you on an emotional journey from the hardcore sex scene to the niche fetish you didn’t know you had. If you have not yet seen her movies, I strongly suggest you block off a few hours of your day and watch a few of her scenes. I’m serious, go block off a few hours and watch. Once you’re done watching those. Go read up about her, she is not just active in the porn biz, she is also active in many other fields.

And now, the top 3. The creme de la creme of 2015 searches. Let’s take a moment to enjoy this journey.


Julia Ann

Coming in at number 3 the ever lovely: Julia Ann. Are we even surprised that one of the hottest MILFs in the porn industry is in the top 3? Like, seriously, is there even a surprise here? Didn’t think so. Julia Ann has been in the adult biz for some time and is probably one of the best performers you could ever enjoy. Julia Ann has been in the porn biz since the early 90’s, yes you read that correct, since the 1990’s, and has not slowed down for anything or anyone. She has paved the way for many of the top industry women and continues to remain a top industry woman herself. So, let’s enjoy and appreciate what this woman has given us. Go on, go enjoy watching her. We’ll be here, we’ll wait.



Coming in at number 2, and squeezed in between two MILFs, is none other than Mia Khalifa. Mia Khalifa, literally, burst onto the scene in 2014. She became not only one of the most popular porn stars in the adult world but also created headwaves outside of pornland. She was given some serious death threats from multiple Muslim countries, but like the true champ that she is, she brushed it off with some amazing comebacks. All this to say, that in two short years this girl has gone from the virtually unknown to one of the top searched porn stars of 2015. Let’s see what 2016 has in store for her.



And Finally, the one, the only, the number 1 spot of our 2015 most searched porn stars belongs to Lisa Ann. Yes, we know, Lisa Ann has since retired from the adult world. We all mourned her retirement. All of our flags were at half-mast when we heard the news. And, just like with most popular personas, when they retire their searches grow, and Lisa Ann, the MILF of MILFs, is no exception. Her searches spiked in 2015, and we believe they will only continue to grow in 2016.

Well, folks, that is our list of 2015 most searched porn stars. We hope you enjoyed reading about them, as much as we enjoyed researching them. Looking forward to a prosperous and everlasting 2016.

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Written by Sohard
  • niem2 years ago

    very nice

  • Teddy Anim-Bedwa2 years ago

    Dear Sir/Madam

    I am very happy to write you this letter and also I wish one day I will meet Chelsea Zinn and also she is one of my favourite Porn Star on the Planet trust and also I want you people to helped to find Chelsea Zinn I think she is best Porn Star trust me and also I never met her at the Porn AVN Awards I wish she came there to presented her at the AVN Awards and also I like her style and Chelsea Zinn is very beautiful and also I like Lauren Phoenix from Canadian beside Chelsea Zinn and Nikki Benz is very good porn Star too and also my cell phone number is 808 864-3539 and also I want to have sex with Chelsea Zinn and Nikki Benz too. Because I want them to give me shot and also my e mail address is tanimbedwa@yahoo.So I will end here

  • Tim Donahue2 years ago

    Sophie Dee is a top 10 star, too bad she not still remembered. What a beauty, what a woman!

  • jabran52 years ago

    I like number 2

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