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Losing Your Virginity Late: How It Affects A Man

Written by Sohard

While there are many who expect men to become wild stallions who come into their own sexually at a young age, there are many men who do not lose their virginity until they are much older. There is a certain amount of peer pressure that comes along with losing your virginity at a latter stage of life and men who do not shed the dreaded “V card” by the time they are finished with high school often become bashful or ashamed.

This comes as a major contrast with female culture, where a woman who is willing to remain a virgin for a longer period of time is seen as being virtuous. After all, since every woman has no shortage of suitors and considered sexually desirable as soon as she reaches puberty, it takes a great deal of willpower to steer clear of male advances.

On the other hand, a man who loses his virginity is viewed as a loser or a wallflower, someone who cannot convince a woman to do the dirty deed with him. As more time continues to pass, men who have yet to lose their virginity may even begin to lie about it. Maybe they’ll claim to have a girlfriend who “doesn’t go to this school” or perhaps they will concoct a story about meeting a woman from the Internet for a one off experience.

It can also affect a man’s level of confidence when they are given the opportunity to speak with women. One of the more common cliches that men are forced to endure is the idea that women are more attracted to a man who possesses a high level of confidence. However, a man who has not had sex before is typically not confident in his ability to successfully bed a woman.

As a result, the longer a man goes without experiencing this rite of passage, the longer it will take. Women can literally smell the lack of confidence coming off of a man, as his pheromones will radiate virginity and serve as a major turn off to any females who may have been potentially interested.

This could sound like a recipe for disaster or a reason to find the first woman who is willing at as young of an age as possible, but for those who have yet to lose their virginity and are creeping up in age, fear not.

Women appreciate a man who is honest and comfortable with himself even more than they appreciate a man who is sexually experienced. As long as you are confident in who you are as a person and you are forthcoming about your level of experience in the boudoir, you will have no problem finding the right woman for you, whether you are 13 or 23.

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Written by Sohard
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