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My Vagina Can Lift Coconuts. Can Yours?

Written by Sohard

I recently, don’t ask me to explain how, came across a story about this woman named Kim Anami, who boasts how she can easily lift a coconut with her vagina. Obviously, that is something that peaked my interest, so I definitely had to find out more about this amazingly talented woman.


The first thing you see when you visit Kim Anami’s web page, aside from the fact that she is a very attractive woman, is her boast for the ability to ALWAYS have, and I quote, “Soul-stretching, bed-shaking, neighbours-complaining sex.” Yup, you read that correct, soul stretching sex. Well then, I had to rummage the lovely world of the web and find out about this whole ordeal.

After watching a few of her youtube videos, and reading her site, I realized that Kim Anami is a holistic sex and relationship coach, a life intimacy coach, oh, and she can lift a surfboard with her vagina. You don’t believe me, look it up. She offers numerous courses on her site that help delivers what she calls a “Well Fucked Woman.” She does this by helping women strengthen their pelvic floor.

Kim explains that the power of the vagina is immense, and every woman needs to learn to experience the power of the vagina. She even coined the term: Vaginal Kung Fu. And, if all that was not enough, she even has a hashtag on Twitter called #thingsiliftwithmyvagina, true story!


Although I am not a woman, I still found it very intriguing to read about her achievements and her life journey to educate women about their vaginas. She eases the viewer, reader, or journeywoman by keeping it light – no pun intended – and making sure that no one feels uncomfortable with the whole topic. A perfect example of her lightheartedness is one of her recent blogs called “The Cock Whisperer.”

What I’m saying is, if you’re a woman, and have a vagina, and need that vagina to feel empowered go ahead and give Kim Anami a shot. You can find her all over the world wide web. Check her site out:, follow her on Twitter, check her Youtube channel out. And if she ever reads this, maybe she’ll even create a channel for you to follow here on TnAFlix. Happy Vaginal Kung Fu hunting ladies.

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Written by Sohard
  • Yancy2 years ago

    Woot, I will ceanritly put this to good use!

  • MvrkQ2 years ago

    Yeah bookmaking this wasnt a bad conclusion great post!

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