The Future Of Sex Is Blowing My Mind

Irina T
Written by irina

Have you ever thought about what your sex life is going to look like 20 years from now? Well, I thought about it and it looks like it’s going to be a hell of a ride, my friends. Buckle up, because the future is looking creepy as hell, but in a hot kind of way, if that even makes any sense.

Virtual Touch

Virtual-Reality-VRYou can literally feel someone else’s touch thanks to new technologies. A simple t-shirt can be equipped with sensors that make it possible for you to feel the touch of someone else. Long distance relationships, anyone?

In the near future, you’ll be able to kiss, hug, touch and play with your (or someone else’s, haha!) partner without ever having to leave your house. That’s amazing and a little sad at the same time. Anti-social sex life is fun and safe, but… what about feeling the weight of someone else on top of you? Science, could you please figure that shit out as well? Thank you.

DIY 3D Print Sex Toys

3D print your own sex toyGet creative and make your own sex toy! In the future, you will be able to customize a sex gift for someone. How thoughtful is that? “Here baby, I made you a 3D print of my vagina. Use and abuse.” Not to mention that you can pick your own printing material that can actually feel human flesh-like. Are you mind blown yet? Because I totally am.

Virtual sex partners


Revolutionary sex toy companies will allow for both men and women to orgasm without ever leaving the privacy of their homes. The concept is pure genius and, as far as I know, similar products are already available on the market. The woman gets to use a high-tech vibrator that, in turn, sends a signal to the male toy and both people involved feel the same arousal at the same damn time. So crazy!

This can make Tinder hook-ups way easier and safer. For those of you whose online pickup game is not that strong, you will have the option of sinking the device to your favourite porn videos and “dream” away.

Robot Sex Dolls

Jessica-Drake-Real-DollYou’ve probably heard about this one a lot. But! Forget inflatable and other basic dolls available at a sex shop near you, they’re so passé. Future robot sex dolls look REALLY human and come with personalities: they talk, laugh at your jokes, make witty comments and even get angry… my question is – can they refuse sex? That would be the cherry on the cake.

Virtual Reality

virtual reality VRImagine playing Sims or something even more geeky, like World of Warcraft but with a lot of sex and debauchery. It doesn’t stop there. You can have orgies, get married, have hookers and cocaine parties with other players and live a full-blown promiscuous virtual life. Don’t forget that thanks to special devices mentioned above, you can totally feel physical pleasure and touch while playing these games. How perverted is this? Do you love it? Because I do. Kind of.

All this seems so freaky and unnatural to me, to be totally honest. I can only imagine how I’ll be sitting at my front porch, old and wrinkly, saying something like, “Back in my days, the most I’ve seen was a vibrating dildo. You kids are crazy.” I’ll be that kind of inappropriate grandma, yeah.

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Irina T
Written by irina
  • Jazlyn1 year ago

    I litlearly jumped out of my chair and danced after reading this!

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