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Why Every Girl Needs A “Lesbian Experience” At Least Once In Her Life

Irina T
Written by irina

I don’t know why so many women are against experimenting in the bedroom with another female. There is nothing more beautiful than a nude female body… nothing! You won’t be able to fully grasp the importance of this experience until you finally give in to temptation. Scientists have actually proven that ALL women are “either lesbian or bisexual, but never ‘straight’.” (Source) You can’t argue with science, they have it all figured out.

My very first sexual experience was with a woman. I’m so glad it has happened this way. The amount of excitement and pleasure the 15 year old me felt back in the days has never been matched by male partners afterwards.

I often feel physically attracted to women and it’s wonderful. Instead of feeling competitive and/or jealous, I admire their grace and femininity. When I see an attractive girl, I can’t help but wonder what her skin might feel like or how good of a kisser she is. And, sometimes, after a few glasses of wine, our lips touch and it’s fireworks. I would never be able to have a relationship with a woman though, it’s a physical thing.

Getting intimate with a woman takes you to another level of pleasure. You can’t compare it to “straight” sex. It’s completely different – more sensual and erotic. So here’s why I believe that every girl needs to have a “lesbian experience” at least once in her life.


You’ll experience real love making

You won’t know what real sensuality feels like until you try sleeping with another woman. I find that men prefer to rush into penetration and, very often, like to skip foreplay altogether. Love making with a woman is one continuous foreplay. You touch and caress each other while completely losing track of time. You can literally go at it for hours. Exploring each other’s bodies and diving into the world of continuous orgasm. Believe me when I say – it will take you to another dimension.

You’ll learn things about yourself

It’s much easier to explore your own body with another woman. You can learn from and correct each other. Leave your shy and judgemental self at the door and just open up to the experience. It’s helped me figure out what I’m into in bed quite early in life. Some women go years and years before knowing exactly what turns them on or what erogenous zones they have. Exploring your own body with another woman will undoubtedly help you increase your sexual self-awareness.

You’ll get it out of your system

I know that every girl has fantasized about getting intimate with another woman at least once in her life. Why not just do it and get it over with? You might very well end

up liking it. Otherwise, you’ll get it out of your system and know that this route is not for you. You’ve got nothing to lose, only precious experiences to gain.



You will feel things you’ve never felt before

No man will EVER make you feel the way a woman can. Me trying to explain
what an erotic experience with another woman feels like to someone who’s never done it before is like trying to explain what an exotic fruit tastes like to anyone who’s never tasted it before. My explanation will never give this wave of continuous pleasure proper justice. What can i say, you’ve just gotta try it. Trust me on this one.

You’ll understand life better

Whether you like to admit to it or not, sex rules the world. When you explore this area of life from different perspectives (i.e. male and female), you end up understanding life better. It also opens up a whole new world of female psychology.

We are quite complicated to deal with when it comes to friendships and/or other relationships. I truly believe that being intimate with a female makes it easier to understand our delicate minds.

You’ll be more connected to females around you

There is nothing more beautiful than women supporting each other instead of competing. Having a sexual perspective on females makes it easier to accept and love women around you. For example, I can never get jealous of another woman. I also feel comfortable enough to appreciate another woman’s beauty and openly talk about it with my boyfriend without getting crazy on him.

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Irina T
Written by irina
  • Jaelyn3 years ago

    You put the lime in the conouct and drink the article up.

  • Mac Scotty2 years ago

    Pure Propaganda!

    EVERY WOMAN? RIDICULOUS! Many women value their traditional family values which include a monogamous heterosexual loving relationship.

    Not every man is inept in lovemaking and foreplay. Some men are better than lesbians and have a penis too boot!

    The article is a joke! A bad joke!

  • Alan2 years ago

    I can’t help but think that this article was written with a heavy female bias. Indeed, lovemaking between women IS different than lovemaking with a Man, but saying it’s ‘better’ is speculative at best. Women might enjoy the occasional women for a little break and ‘adventure’ between heterosexual relationships, but lesbian relationships have a lower survival rate than even hetero relationships. Gay male relationships are currently the most stable, something that surprised me. Women instinctively know this, hence the continual pursuit by women of the proverbial ‘Male provider’, even in the 21st century. In closing, YOU might say you can’t be jealous of other women, but jealousy is as natural and instinctive to the vast majority of women, as masturbation is to over 90% of Men.

  • Alan2 years ago

    Author of this article has zero understanding of the complex sexual spectrum and wrote this with extreme prejudice.

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