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Why having sex with many people is a selfless act

Written by Natasha D

I have slept with a few men in my life. Well, more than a few. A couple bakers’ dozens. And Change. The point I am trying to make is that I have experienced enough different penis’ in my vagina to know, very certainly, two things. One: that size doesn’t matter, and two: that learning to do puzzles as a child was an important lesson. Some pieces just fit. While many pieces’ kind of fit, there is always that one which fits so perfectly that the rest can go fuck themselves. I have found that people are the same. Though fortunately, unlike the puzzle, there is more than one perfect fit for genitals pieces. It turns out, penis’s can vary in size by an astounding differential. This is good news for everyone. Especially the previously supposed, ‘penile challenged’. Because ultimately, it’s all about shape! So, we can go try on (or in as the case may be) various penis’s and vagina’s unabashedly seeking the right fit. The more we try, the more opportunity for that pristine piece to complete the perfect puzzle or pussy. And along with this diligent doodling, we prevent the thieving of someone else’s feasibly flawless dick-fit. So, fuck away, and know, you are doing the world, and yourself a solid service, all the while you service and do, one another.

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Written by Natasha D
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Chanel Preston
If you only focus on your physical features, you will never achieve the happiness you desire when you look at yourself.

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