Robert Morgan: THE Royal Empire

Written by Sohard

Robert Morgan is not your regular pornographer if there is such a thing as a regular pornographer. He is one of the unique talents that has paved his own road through a difficult industry to crack. We are always intrigued by these type of individuals and decided to explore what made Robert decide to build his Royal, porn, Empire.


royal_empireTNA: How long have you been in the adult industry, and what were you up to before that?

Robert: I got a degree in telecommunications, and then after that, I went out to LA.

Before that, I did an internship, and then I got hired on to a reality production company. I was an editor for them for about two years.

Then the economy tanked, and I was last one hired on, the first one to let go.

I was in LA so I went to every major studio, Dreamworks, Pixar, Warner Bros, 20th Century Fox, trying to find a new job and this was the time of the writers’ strike, so nobody was hiring.

I was just like one of the millions trying to find a job, and I just couldn’t do it. So I went home and moved to Florida because I got a new job in the industry and then I got my doors into the adult industry.

TNA: How did you get your door into the adult? What happened?

Robert: I was skimming through an article, like a trade magazine, in Orlando, and I found an ad that said, “Adult Videographer Wanted for trade show.” And I was like, I could do that.

So I printed up a bunch of business cards and applied for the position, and they picked me. Met them at the location and it turns out it was Fetish Con in Tampa.

I would go around and introduce myself to models and pass our business card, and they would ask me, “Hey are you a new production company” and I said, “Oh yeah I am. I’m new to the game but I’m a new business,” and from that point on I started booking shoots with models, and getting my reputation up.

TNA: How did you come up with Royal Empire Production? How did that come about as a name?

Robert: The reason why I chose Royal Empire Production is I wanted to build an empire, a royal empire. I’m trying to build wealth, generational wealth. So that’s why Royal Empire came about. And we kinda wanna take over the industry because I’m a young guy that knows the technology. And I think some of the older people in the industry don’t know the newer technology. So I wanted to differentiate myself that way.

royal_empire_productionsTNA: So you started shooting around 2012, that’s when you started, at the Fetish Con. When you started shooting, were you just shooting scenes for other productions or did you immediately start your own production company?

Robert: No, I immediately started my own production company. I mean I would give work for other production companies, but I immediately started with a clips4sale store and started shooting contents for Royal Empire. I didn’t really know the niche where I wanted to go, so I kinda shot everything. I lean towards mostly fetish stuff cuz I was unsure where I wanted to go or where I wanted to take it. So I didn’t wanna start dumping tons of money into something I wasn’t sure what direction I wanted to go first.

TNA: Did you fund everything yourself?

Robert: Yeah I’m self-funded. Everything comes out of my paycheck, so I’m in this for the long haul.

TNA: Pretty cool. That means you believe in your product.

Robert: I do. I try to go to every show I can go to. I didn’t go to Exotica Chicago, but I’m trying to go to Ohio if I can swing it because I’m working on two new DVDs and I get those out first before I start promoting. So if those don’t come out, I’ll go to Exotica Jersey and AVN with a booth.

TNA: Do you shoot for DVDs or do you shoot for strictly individual scenes?

Robert: No I shoot for DVDs as well. I have a theme in mind, and I have plots and everything that goes for that title. And I put it out. I do shoot for my membership site as well but I always wanted a distribution deal, and that’s what I’m working on now. So I wanted a product to be able to sell to customers when I do shows, and I have a booth. So I came up with the DVD line. And people can buy my DVDs at

royal_empire_productionsTNA: Oh, it’s different from Royal Empire Production, ok.

Robert: Yeah I mean there’s a link to it but it We have to clothe there; we have all of our DVDs there. Just updated our DVD site to a better web design. It looks phenomenally awesome so check that out. We have 8 DVDs out so far. We’re working on two more: Body Art Volume 1 and Amateur Snatch.

Body Art Vol. 1 features tattoo models, so if you’re into tattooed models, this is definitely the DVD for you. It has like a taboo twist so like stepbrothers, stepsisters, stepmom, so if you like the incest genre. That is the DVD for you.

And Amateur Snatch is complete amateur girls. Brand new girls to the industry. Everybody loves amateurs, you know. The hottest new girls that are coming into the industry. So that’s what we’re going with that one. And that should be out relatively soon.

TNA: Do you find it hard to find new girls? Like to shoot in your videos?

Robert: Oh no. Now that I’m more established in the industry, girls are easy to find.

Most people think when you get in this industry, the adult industry; it’s the hardest part to find is talent. And that’s the easiest part to obtain.

TNA: So if that became the easiest, what are some of the hurdles that you faced when you got into it?

Robert: Well this is a job, so most people think, oh you’re getting in the adult industry to have sex with hot girls, and that’s not it at all. I’m in the adult industry to build a brand, to build a recognizable brand. And some of the hurdles that I’ve had to overcome is since I’m a Florida based company, booking with like LA director, I had to prove to them I was an actual reputable production company.

And so nowadays, I can call them up and say, “Hey I wanna book this girl, let me fly her out to Orlando, let me put her up in a hotel for a couple of days, shoot her and then fly her back.”

When I told you I wanted to have a DVD deal when I first started doing this, I knew Photoshop from college, but I didn’t really mess with it in my professional job, doing anything like that because I’m a video editor. So I was rusty with it, so I knew I wanted to be in the DVD industry, so you need the big box covers, the labels and things like that. I went on to YouTube and followed a hundred tutorials on how to use Photoshop, to design my box covers. And I do all my box covers, I design all my menus, I design everything. I print everything; everything is all under the roof, and I do it all.

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Written by Sohard
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