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London River: Contortion Queen, Xposed

Rain DeGrey
Written by Rain DeGrey

London River entered the industry last year after putting in her time as an extremely flexible stripper that specializes in contortion and has been garnering notice ever since. Her fierce scenes and legendary orgasms that make her appear possessed are unforgettable, and I sat down recently with this multi-talented hottie to see what makes her tick. When she isn’t busy stripping or shooting porn she works as the talent booker and photographer, as well as mom to 3 high energy dogs and one indifferent cat. Let’s see what she has to say for herself:

Rain DeGrey: You go by the name London River. How exactly did you come up with that? Were you raised by hippies?

London: (Laughs) No. River was one of my first stage names from when I was just dancing. I named myself after a character in “Firefly”. River was a dancer that could kick a lot of ass and was a little bit nuts, so it made perfect sense to me. And then London was thrust upon me by a strip club in Chicago because they wouldn’t let me go by just River. They wanted dancers to go by “real” names and evidently the name of a city is more realistic than a body of water. They both sound like fake names to me, but hey, whatever. Then I combined the two and here I am now.
London River BDSM Porn


RDG: What made you decide to start dancing in the first place?

London: I began dancing at the same time that I started college. I guess you could say I was the stereotypical stripper that was dancing to put herself through college. I ended up getting a degree in sociology and gender studies, which is not the most useful degree in the world but it makes you good at arguing. (laughs) You spend four years at college learning how to argue with people.

RDG: So even after you got your degree you decided that you wanted to keep on dancing. Why was that?

London: Well dancing is really fun! I like to perform, I like to be on stage, I like to do something physical with my body. I have a hard time doing the same thing every day at work. I tried retail. When I was in school, I had other jobs than dancing. The constant repetition of doing the same work every day was impossible for me. I couldn’t concentrate or be productive in that way. Dancing allowed me to do something with my body and blow off steam and perform and I feel very powerful when I do it. I, also, was making a lot more money than most people just getting out of school, so that was a factor too.


London River BDSM

RDG: You are known for doing very impressive almost contortionist level stunts when you do stripping. Have you always been that flexible? When did you first realize how extreme your flexibility is?

London: I think I have always just been that flexible. I did some dance and ballet as a kid, but for the most part, it isn’t something that I work at significantly. It just comes naturally.

“I like to perform, I like to be on stage, I like to do something physical with my body.”

RDG: What made you decide to make the transition from dancing to porn video work?

London: I don’t really view the transition as related in any way. I still view both of the jobs as completely separate things. When I dance I still just go by River, and it is kind of a different persona that I have than what I do with video work. I think I am more myself or more genuine when I am on video because it is what I wanted to do for more personal reasons. I wanted to experience things like bondage, and that is what got me into video work. In my head, I view the dancing and the video work as unrelated things.

RDG: When you first started doing porn videos and decided to move to on-camera stuff, you went for some pretty extreme things right out of the gate. What made you decided to go so hardcore as opposed to regular vanilla b/g work?

London: My entire reason for entering into porn videos was because I wanted to try things in a safe environment that I otherwise wouldn’t have the opportunity to try. I wanted to do bondage, and I wanted to do BDSM, and I wanted to experiment with my sexuality. Meeting people online can be risky. You don’t always know what you are getting, you can’t always be sure that you will be around someone that has your safety in mind or even knows what they are doing or is a healthy person.

Maybe I am paranoid, but it seems like there are a lot of predatory people out there. Pursuing my desires professionally seemed like the safest way to go, plus I am kind of an exhibitionist, which made it even more exciting. Doing regular vanilla porn wouldn’t really have done much for me. It isn’t like I have any trouble getting laid, so I didn’t need to reach out for that. I was going for something very specific.


RDG: What do you get out of the extreme stuff that you do on camera?

London: I enjoy challenging my body. I feel very powerful after a shoot, or even during the shoot. Sometimes I will step out of my body and look at what I am doing and say to myself “Wow. That is an amazing stunt.” I feel very empowered. And it is very sexy to me. To feel as strong as I do when I am doing some of the extreme things that I get the opportunity to try. It makes me feel very attractive.


RDG: Do you ever worry about society judging or shaming you for the choices you have made?

London: I think “worry” isn’t the right word. I am aware of it; I am conscious of the fact that society is judgmental or that people might have a problem with what I am doing. But, I think to be concerned with what other people think to the point that you don’t do what you feel is right for you would be a much more difficult existence than doing what you enjoy and what you love and what feels right to you. I am okay with the judgment. It doesn’t concern me. It is just a reality.

RDG: Do you have any upcoming events or performances that you are looking forward to?

London: I have an upcoming Realtimebondage shoot in August coming up, and I am doing directing for Topgrl these days. I am also currently working on a collaborative piece with the director of Infernalrestraints. Stay tuned for more perverted shenanigans. I love this stuff!

RDG: Well thank you for your time. Always a delight catching up with you my dear.

For more info on London, she can be found at and on Twitter at @LondonCRiver

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Rain DeGrey
Written by Rain DeGrey
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