Sadie Santana: Xposed

Written by Sohard

Some of you might not know who Sadie Santana is, but let me tell you, she is definitely someone you want to get to know. Her charisma and charm just oozes from every inch of her, and she is one of the sweetest women we had a chance to talk to.

We not only discovered that she is an avid sports fan, but also that if you ever get a chance to get with her off set you will experience everything she does on set, and that is an added bonus. But, be warned her eyes and smile will most certainly get you in trouble. Now, before we get ourselves into too much more trouble, here is our interview with her:

Sadie_Santana_being-badHow are you?
I am great!

Where are you from originally?

I am from New Orleans originally, but right now I live in California, and it is hot.

How did you become a Lakers fan?

Oh my gosh, how did I become a Lakers fan? Well, my whole family has been a Lakers fan for a long ass time. You can talk to anyone in my family, and they are diehard Lakers fans, and naturally I grew up watching them and when I moved out here to California it was even more exciting being that much closer to the Lakers.

But, I haven’t gone to one of their games, which really sucks.

What? How have you not gone to see them?

It’s cuz I’m busy, shit! 🙂

Well, they do suck this year, so you didn’t miss out on much!

Well hey, hey…next year is around the corner now. And I’m pretty confident about next season.

What do you think of the whole Deangelo Russel ordeal?

Oh, come on, people gotta get over themselves. Honestly, everyone has their little secrets and naughty things that they do, and when it comes to the light people act all shocked and surprised. Come on people!

“I was doing a lot of mainstream modeling, and I felt that porn was more for me”

Did you watch the finals?

Of course, I did, but I had to watch it on my phone with the apps, cuz I’ve been busy, and when I want to meet up, none of my friends are in town to watch a game.

Who were you rooting for?

The West Coast, I’m for the Warriors, come on.

Ok, now from basketball let’s discuss porn. It’s only fitting we go from one bouncing ball to another! 🙂

Sadie_Santana_spreadHow did you come up with your alias?

First, I’m a huge Carlos Santana fan, very very big Carlos Santana fan: so I wanted that last name. And when I Googled it, no one had Santana as their last name in porn, in a long, long time. So I was like, fuck ya!

And Sadie, I suck at coming up with the whole name shit, I really suck at that. When I was a dancer, I couldn’t even come up with my own name then! 🙂 So, my agents and friends, like 7 of them were in the office, and we just came up with Sadie. Which is hilarious, cuz a lot of people come up and tell me that is the name of their dog. And I’m like “Hey, I like to be petted as well!” 🙂

How old were you when you got into porn?

I got in at 2013; I was 21-22.

How did you transition from dancing to porn?

Well, I was dancing, and I was doing a lot of mainstream modeling, and I felt that porn was more for me. I knew that eventually I was gonna go for it considering that I am a very sexual person, and it’s awesome to be able to have a very free mind.

And it’s very different when you do mainstream modeling; you always have to watch what you say.

It was pretty easy; I spoke to my mom about it first, I asked her, which was funny because she said she had a feeling I was gonna ask her this. I don’t know why she had a feeling, though.

She said she had a feeling I was gonna ask her about getting into porn. I did all my research, and I called a few agents. The ones I set up meetings with are the ones I signed with, and it was pretty awesome. My mom was with me when I signed, and Sadie was in porn! 😉

Do you ever worry that someone in your family might Google your name and see your scenes?

No, it’s why we told all the family members about it. So, if they see anything that has that name on it, don’t watch it. And if you do, that’s completely on you. Don’t tell me about it. Don’t look at me weird. Don’t treat me different. You already knew!

I’ve been to different parties where my porn has come up, and I was like shit. Like, I would realize they’d be playing a movie, and I would watch and be like: “Oh my gosh, I’ve fucked everyone in that movie.” It’s pretty hilarious.

Sadie-Santana-black-laceWell, that’s kinda cool.

It is, but it’s kinda weird being on that side, especially when you’re around all the people in the party.

It’s kind of funny, cuz you know all these people personally, and to see them on TV. Even when you see yourself, it still feels kind of funny, or when people tell you that they’ve seen you. I got high-school people hit me up, and they’re super surprised.

Were you open and sexual in high-school?

Oh god no. I was not your stereotypical porn person. I was a nerd; I’m still a nerd.

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Written by Sohard
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