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Rain DeGrey
Written by Rain DeGrey

Busty all natural Bella Rossi has been making cocks rise and pussies wet for over six years now, and in that time she has proven herself to be a solid and versatile performer many times over that is well known for her cheerful, professional attitude. From gangbangs to fetish porn to g/g to wrestling to puppy play, she consistently nails any scene she takes on. We have watched her grow from strength to strength and today we sit down to get to know this sexy star a little bit better.

Bella’s grin is as big as her cleavage as we get the tape recorder out, and she sports a nice flush from the three dicks she just finished vigorously fucking for a live show.

“I LOVE sex, and I have no problem with people watching me fuck.”

Rain DeGrey: So how long have you been in the industry?

Bella Rossi: I started on Oct 13th, 2009. So over six years so far.

RDG: I love that you have the exact day memorized!

RDG: What exactly made you decide to enter the industry? I recall you mentioning that you have an extremely high sex drive and that you felt going to bars to pick up randoms didn’t feel particularly safe…when did you make the conscious choice to fuck on film?

Bella Rossi: first of all, I LOVE sex, and I have no problem with people watching me fuck. I am an exhibitionist. I grew up very suppressed in a lot of ways. I had serious relationships, but after a breakup, I would go on cock binges.

You break up with a dude after 4 years and suddenly you want to get every single dick you can, you know? Multiple guys a day. But after a while, you get tired of the guessing game. You don’t even know if it is worth your time until you are already committed. At a certain point, I got tired of the failed sexual experiences with guys that you pick up at bars.

I wanted to have sex with people that were clean, where there was no guessing game, where they actually knew what the fuck they were doing. Finally, one day I told my roommate “I am going to do it!” and I submitted an application to the nearest place I knew of: They called me back the next day and offered me a shoot.

I will be honest, I didn’t know it was just bondage and BDSM, I thought they also did vanilla stuff. So when you see my very first shoot, you are seeing me experience bondage and BDSM for the very first time!

Bella-rossiRDG: So you applied for the dick, and you somehow ended applying to the place that dishes out all of the beatings?

Bella Rossi: Yes! It was a total accident. And you know what? I never looked back. It ended up working for me. I have been blessed. I have had the privilege of working with the most amazing people in the world and I have never had a bad experience. Ever. It has been great. *laughs*

Porn gives me the opportunity to do what I want, to work hard and enjoy what I do. It is a place to escape reality. Every time I go on set, I have fun.

RDG: It shows!

RDG: So what has been your most memorable scene to date?

Bella Rossi: Well, I just did a b/b/b/g live show for that was incredible! I Dom so much, I am in control so much, that sometimes it is nice to relax and let go and let your face just get fucked. But you know, I really like all of them. They are ALL good! I wouldn’t do it if I didn’t love it. My most memorable scene is always the one that I just did.

RDG: Do you have a rough idea of how many scenes you have shot so far?

Bella Rossi: Oh wow. Yeah, I have no idea. A LOT. They add up. Let’s just say that I have been really busy over the years.

RDG: You are known for performing in an extremely wide range of scenes and styles, from submitting to Doming to competitive wrestling to bondage to gangbangs. Of all the different types of shoots that you do, is there a particular type that is your favorite?

Bella Rossi: Honestly? My favorite is rope bondage suspension scenes like the stuff I do for I love them. And the sexual wrestling. I get really gropey and grabby. *laughs* It turns out that I am a huge perv. I am like “Just open your legs and let me have it! Why are you trying to fight this?? You know you want it!”

Bella RossiRDG: Exactly! What people don’t seem to realize is that we got into the industry is because we are legitimate sexual pervs with extremely high sex drives that crave this sort of thing. We were not forced into this stuff; we chose it because it turned us on. It is a myth to think that all porn stars are messed up drug addicts.

Bella Rossi: Totally! You know, I have never even met that type of person in the industry. Whatever people might think we are like? Not so much. We are all vegan and do yoga, working out. You have to take care of your body. People aren’t going to book you if you are a hot mess that doesn’t show up to set. The ones that party? They don’t last six months. They wash out.

RDG: True story.

RDG: So as we wrap up, do you have any porn horror stories of scenes gone wrong?

Bella Rossi: I do actually! It was with Ashley Fires for Electrosluts. And let’s be clear, I hold no animosity towards her. You know how things can get in the heat of the moment. It can get crazy. I had an electric plug in my ass, and I had an electric plug in my pussy. And my pussy is notorious for shooting shit out. It is tight. So the plug stayed in my ass, but the one in my pussy just came shooting out. And Ashley was like “Well if you don’t want to hold onto this in your pussy, you can have it in your mouth.” And she put it in my mouth, and it was during the electrical wave cycle where there was no pulse. So there was no electricity flowing. But after she put in my mouth, the wave started to build back up.

It started feeling like someone was having a rodeo in my head and cracking a bullwhip over and over and over again. I was trying to open my jaw to say my safe word, and I couldn’t even get my mouth open! To Ashley’s credit, she immediately saw that something was wrong, and she tried to open my mouth to get the plug out but my teeth were clenched down from the electricity, and I couldn’t move my jaw. Finally, the electricity cycled back down, and we were able to get it out. I was just sitting there in shock like ” What just happened there?” She felt horrible, and that was the day that I learned that I don’t like electricity in my mouth. Ever.

What actually bummed me out the most was that they ended up cutting that footage out of the scene and not using that part…I went through all of that for nothing! I always wanted to ask to have the footage for me personally, but it is probably too late now. Oh well.

And with that Bella launched off another one of her infectious giggles. It is always a delight to catch up with someone that truly loves what they do, and Bella is living her dream of top shelf dick and epic sexual experiences.

To see Bella Rossi in action, look her up on Twitter at @BellaRossixxx or you can purchase her scenes here.

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Rain DeGrey
Written by Rain DeGrey
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    Sex is at its best when it is being watched. We’re two married couples and on a weekend get-together, two of us friends found our wives consenting to be swapped before us. From that first time, it is become a rage with us.

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